In January of 2000, seven insurance agents, working independently, but all representing the same company, came together and had an idea.  Instead of being limited to the rates and guidelines of one company, why not start an agency that represents multiple companies, so we would have a choice for our clients?

Instead of saying, “We’re sorry, you no longer qualify for this policy or this rate”, we could say, “Your situation has changed and I need to quote your coverage with some other companies.”

On July 17, 2000, we opened The Alliance Insurance Group.  Our number one goal is to provide citizens of North and South Carolina an experienced staff of insurance agents that will assist them in choosing a company that will meet their insurance needs at a price they can afford.

We started our first day with customer number one.  Today we provide insurance coverage for thousands of customers across the Carolinas.  We pride ourselves in the fact that a group of men, who came together in a partnership over 10 years ago, are still working as one unit with the same goals.  We are all active in the day to day operations of the agency.

We specialize in all forms of Property, Auto, Motorcycle, Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Business, Commercial, Life and Health Insurance, as well as Bonds.  We have an agent that specializes in each type of insurance, so you are assured of having someone with experience and knowledge of the coverage you need.

Tragically, one of the founding partners, Frankie Atchley, lost his life in November of 2005 at age 36, in a 4-wheeler accident.  Frankie left behind a wife and two daughters.  Working with Frankie’s family to help settle his affairs strongly reinforced our understanding of how important it is to have the proper insurance in force.  Frankie’s faith was strong and we are confident he is in a better place.

After ten years, much, and we mean much, has changed.  However, our number one priority has not changed, that being to provide our clients with the coverage they need at the most competitive price available, and to provide the best claims service possible when that time comes.

Without this concept and our loyal customers, we would cease to exist.  We look forward to the next ten years of serving our clients and meeting the challenges ahead in a most competitive and changing insurance market.

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