Auto Insurance

We have direct contracts with "A" rated auto insurance companies that offer 24/7 claims and customer service such as  Travelers, Hartford, Progressive, Kemper, Safeco, Penn  National, and National General (formerly known as GMAC), to name a few. The companies we represent are nationally known for superior customer service and are easily accessible online with capabilities of filing claims, making payments or changes to your policy. Or, call our office where an auto insurance specialist will speak with you about a policy customized for your needs. If you need a policy to cover losses from physical damages with towing, rental and other coverage or all you need is liability coverage, we can help. You can even get replacement cost coverage, if your auto qualifies.

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Major Medical Insurance

With the Affordable Healthcare Act effective January 1, 2014, there are many differences now that we can assist you with. We are qualified to help you attain coverage through the Marketplace at or directly through Blue Cross Blue Shield.The Alliance Insurance Group writes major medical insurance exclusively through Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Gerry Holland and James Morrow are our medical insurance specialists.

Blue Advantage
Blue Advantage is a traditional PPO plan.  In addition to protecting you in a major medical event, it provides you with affordable co-pays for doctor visits and prescription drugs.

Blue Options HSA
This is a high deductible health plan designed to be associated with a tax deductible Health Savings Account.  Before your deductible is met, you pay the total cost of your care.  After the deductible is met, you pay coinsurance until you meet your out-of-pocket maximum.  The significant premium savings can be put into your Health Savings Account, which can be used to pay medical expenses with pre tax dollars.  Money left in the account accumulates for your retirement.

Medicare Supplement
This is supplemental coverage for those enrolled in Medicare parts A and B. Blue Cross offers a wide selection of plans.  Both entry age plans and attained age plans are available. With entry age plans your rates will not increase due to age.  Attained age plans feature lower initial rates, but rates will increase due to age.  Compare plans to see which one meets your needs.

Blue Medicare Rx (Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage)
Blue Cross offers a Standard and an Enhanced plan, both of which offer affordable co-pays for each of four tiers of prescription drugs.  The Enhanced plan offers a zero deductible and lower co-pays on than the Standard plan.

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Homeowners/Property Insurance

For most people, the biggest investment in their lifetime will be the purchase of a home. And the single best way to protect this asset is with a Homeowners Insurance policy. This type of comprehensive insurance protects not only your home, but your personal belongings, other structures on your property and loss of use coverage during times of disaster when your home may become uninhabitable.

There's also coverage for Personal Liability and Medical Payments to others .We'll find the right insurance coverage at the right price for you and your home. With many years of experience, the staff at Alliance Insurance Group will gather information to partner you with the company that is best suited for you. You may also want to consider insuring your home and autos in one account to SAVE even more money!

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Commercial Insurance

Alliance offers all types of commercial insurance products including property, liability, workers comp, business auto and bonding. We offer brokerage service so that we can insure the types of commercial risks who would normally have a difficult time finding coverage .We cover customers from the individual contractor to the small business operator to the larger manufacturing risk.

General Liability Insurance
This type of coverage covers claims arising from a customer's liability due to damage or injury, either by negligence or acts of omission during the performance of their duties or business.

Workers Comp Insurance
These policies are purchased in order to cover workers compensation costs that could occur from injury or sickness that is a direct result of the workplace environment or duties. The premium rate varies according to the nature of employees' work and is based on the employer's payroll.

Business Owners Policies
We can insure the business owner with a policy that covers the building and the contents along with general liability and premises liability and loss of income in the event of a loss. Restaurants, retail or service businesses are best protected with this type of policy. Please call our commercial department to see if your business qualifies for this type of comprehensive coverage.

A surety bond commonly required by a contractor in which the surety company gives a guarantee to a contractors’ customer that the contractor will fulfill the conditions of the contract entered with the customer. If the contractor fails to perform according to agreed terms, the surety would pay a sum agreed upon to the customer for compensation. A surety bond is NOT an insurance policy and, if cashed by the customer, that amount is recovered by the surety from the contractor.

Business Auto and Trucking Insurance
Whether you are the trucker who owns his own rig or is for hire, we have coverage for you. From form filings to cargo coverage, we have companies who specialize in what you need. Long-haul trucker? No problem. Local deliveries? No problem. There's an insurance market available that caters to your business and covers fleets of trucks or autos to only a single vehicle. Call our commercial department for questions or an estimate.

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Motorcycles, ATV'S, Boats, RV's, Campers

If you are like most people, you work hard and you PLAY hard! And what better way to go all out than to buy recreational vehicles for fun and excitement Whether it's that Harley you've saved up for, the 4 wheelers for work and play, from pontoons to bass boats, or you prefer to hit the road in comfort and style in an RV or camper, these items can be quite costly. We have excellent companies to choose from so you can have the protection from fire, theft, collision and liability and other perils you may face. Let us do the research and comparison pricing for you.

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Renters Insurance

You may not own the home you live in, but your personal belongings still need protection.
A type of home insurance that protects you against accidents, damages, and losses that occur in a rented residence. Renter's insurance allows coverage for both the insured's belongings and for liability that may result from an accident in the insured's home. Many policies offer replacement cost, meaning that the insured will receive the money necessary to purchase a new item that is equivalent to the damaged one instead of a portion that's cost adjusted for depreciation.

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Antique/Classic Cars

If you own collector cars, you closely follow the market, know the history of the auto industry and have experienced the joys and challenges of restoration and attend every car event you can get to. With Hagerty Collector Car Insurance, you are provided with specialty insurance with a company insuring more classic cars than anyone else in the world. Their expertise is classic and collector cars and they are able to focus entirely on you and your collection and your particular needs and interests. They have a Guaranteed Value policy allowing you to cover you car for what it's worth, receiving every cent of your car's insured value in the event of a covered total loss.

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Disability Insurance

What would happen if you were involved in an accident and could not work for the next year? How would you pay the mortgage, utilities, food, etc.?  How would you take care of your family? We offer Disability Policies that can take care of your needs if something happens and you're no longer able to work.

Whether you are looking for something to cover the bare necessities or a policy that will replace most of your income with waiting periods as short as thirty days, we can help. Contact us today and find out how affordable Disability Insurance can be.

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Life Insurance

Perhaps no other form of insurance is more important to the security of your family than life insurance. We, at Alliance, are able to tailor a policy for any needs or budget. With a full range of Term, Universal, Whole Life and Guaranteed Issue life insurance available, no one who needs life insurance is left out.

Whether you need coverage for mortgage protection, estate planning, or a buy-sell agreement for a business, we are able to design a plan that will meet your needs at an affordable rate.  Give your family the security and peace of mind they deserve .Contact us today for a free review and quote.

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Long Term Care Insurance

Imagine you work and save your whole life to build up a nice little nest egg for your retirement. Then it happens, a serious illness that forces you into an assisted living that could cost thousands of dollars each month .How long would that nest egg you spent your life building last?

One of every two of us will end up at some time in our life in an assisted living facility. There should be something out there to protect what we have spent a lifetime attaining.

With Long Term Care Insurance you'll have the assurance of asset protection. Contact us about making sure you keep what you have earned by a lifetime of hard work. 

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We live in volatile, uncertain times. People have seen their investments fall drastically in the last few years. More and more folks are looking for a safe, secure place to invest with a chance of solid growth without the risk of loss.

What if you could do that with no risk to the principal and all fees paid as a percentage of growth? In other words, every dollar you invest will never be at risk of loss due to changes in the economy, stock markets, or other forces beyond your control. What if you could turn an investment into a guaranteed income for as long as you live?

Find out just how many ways you can invest with NO RISK with an Insurance Annuity.

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